Work the Obvious

Twitter threads are a thing now and when I started to see them fill up my timeline I had one thought.

Oooooooo boy, some people are going to hate these while others are going to love them.

It’s natural with any trend.

Humans always fall into two groups:

  1. Those that follow a trend
  2. Those that go against a trend

Ironically, going against a trend turns into a trend which brings about the group that wishes to go against that trend.


I like threads. 10 years ago I would’ve hated them simply because I didn’t come up with them or use them.

That’s just how I used to think.

When I would see people using a tactic as an obvious growth method I would immediately go into hater mode. It was my ego’s defense mechanism.

It allowed me to protect myself while also hurting my business.

But this time I caught myself.

I had the natural reaction that I always do when I see a trend.

Oh, I see what they’re doing with this. They’re using this to grow their Twitter following.

And this is the key. Instead of me throwing out the idea I studied it. I needed to know WHY these work as a growth tactic and from there figure out how I could incorporate them into my own workflow to fit my philosophy.

You see, some threads just suck. It’s no different than some blog posts sucking.

Some are just cash grabs. I don’t think most people want to fall into that category but if you see an obvious growth tactic that is going to help your business it’s absolutely irresponsible for you to ignore.


Because your business is meant to serve your Hero and if you ignore a growth tactic, then you ignore a way to reach more of your Heroes.

That sucks for the Hero.

It also means you’re avoiding the obvious path to growing your business simply because of your own ego.

This is why some people seem to grow their business at rates that are exponentially quicker than others.

We all play the same game with the same basic set of rules:

  1. Get them to notice you
  2. Get them to pay attention to you
  3. Get them to trust you
  4. Convert that trust into money

However, some people add even more rules to the game and unfortunately these rules only apply to them while they want to believe they will apply to everyone.

I used to fall into that trap back in the day and thankfully I no longer do it.

Play the game with integrity but don’t mistake the times when your ego gets hurt and you hate on something as integrity.

That’s just you ignoring the obvious.