Invest in the Problem

When it comes to building a business you have two options that can dictate how long you stay interested in the business:

  1. Invest in the solution
  2. Invest in the problem

Most people get invested in the solution because the solution is the cool idea.

“I’m going to create this and it’s going to be awesome.”

It’s an understandable take to have, but there is a problem with it.

Once you create the solution, then what?

Then you have to market it and get people to it. Most entrepreneurs don’t want to do that part.

For them, the fun part is the solution but once the solution is created there is nothing else there. It’s why you’ll end up seeing a lot of people bounce from idea to idea.

There is some hope that once you finish the solution then everyone else in the world will see how awesome the solution is and it will take off.

It rarely does. You need to spend a lot of time letting people know it and more importantly understand it.

That doesn’t sound fun. Blah.

Time to create another solution to another problem.

However, when you invest in the problem then you stick with it.

The first solution you create might do a decent job of solving the problem but because you’re invested in the problem you’ll continue to look for a better way.

When it comes to marketing you focus on talking about the problem which draws people to you because they like to hear other people talk about the problem.

What happens when they start to follow you? They naturally look at the solutions that you’re providing.

And you don’t stop there because you’re invested in the problem.

You talk about it to whoever is listening.

You keep on looking for better solutions because the problem is rarely just one thing. You solve on part of the problem then another part shows up.

If you want to stay interested in your business then you need to invest in the problem.

Once you do that you’ll find that it’s like a tick in your brain. You can’t let it go and you’ll do everything for however long to work through a solution that helps everyone.

Stop going around looking for solutions.

Look for problems that you want to invest in.